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Websites To Make Money By Reading Books - Turning Pages Into Profits

Are you intrigued by the prospect of leveraging websites to make money by reading books? Well, you're in for a treat as the online landscape offers numerous opportunities for individuals keen on websites to make money by reading books.

John Harrison
John Harrison
Feb 02, 2024902 Shares15.8K Views
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  2. How Do You Get Paid To Read By Amazon?
  3. Legitimate Websites That Pay You To Read Books
  4. Best Sites To Get Paid To Read Books Aloud
  5. Other Ways Of Making Money By Reading Books Beyond Websites
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
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Websites To Make Money By Reading Books - Turning Pages Into Profits

In an era where digital platforms are constantly changing how we interact with information and amusement, bookworms have a fantastic chance to make money from their love of reading. Curling up with a good book is a standard method for individuals to kill time. However, it might not have occurred to you to make a living out of your passion for reading. You may get paid to read, evaluate, and even record books on a lot of websites.

For individuals who can express their ideas clearly, the opportunity to read more books online is growing. This blog article is your road map across websites to make money by reading books, where your ideas about stories, characters, and plots may become a fulfilling endeavor.

These services provide a platform to commercialize your literary insights, whether you're a passionate reader looking for an additional source of cash or an aspiring writer trying to exhibit your analytical prowess.

Why Read Books For Money?

Woman Reading a Book Beside the Window
Woman Reading a Book Beside the Window

Intellectual Growth And Learning Opportunities

When it comes to making money from reading books, the experience transcends financial benefits and becomes a means of fostering lifelong learning and intellectual development.

By interacting with a variety of genres and subjects, people may broaden their knowledge and get a deeper comprehension of the world in which they live. This kind of intellectual stimulation develops a lifetime love of studying as well as improving critical thinking abilities.

  • Broadened Perspectives - People who read books are exposed to many viewpoints, cultures, and ideas, which helps them develop greater empathy and open-mindedness in their worldview.
  • In-depth Understanding - Reading for pay incentivizes people to learn more about topics they may not have otherwise, allowing them to obtain insights.

Improved Language And Vocabulary

Reading is a profoundly engaging activity that inevitably advances language proficiency. This is a bonus for readers who want to make money out of their reading. Not only can well-honed language skills and an extensive vocabulary provide engaging book reviews, but they may also lead to changes in content development and freelancing.

  • Word Enrichment- Frequent exposure to a wide range of vocabulary found in books improves language skills and facilitates efficient communication.
  • Art of Expression - Gaining the capacity to express ideas and viewpoints clearly is an essential skill in the cutthroat industry of internet content development.

Exposure To Diverse Genres And Writing Styles

People who make money by reading are exposed to a diverse range of literature genres and writing styles. This exposure not only enriches the reading experience but also gives people the adaptability needed to serve a wide range of customers in the online space.

  • Adaptability- Those who are familiar with a variety of genres can modify their work to fit the needs of diverse audiences and venues.
  • Niche Specialization- Finding one's niche might result from identifying one's favorite genres, which makes one in demand for particular kinds of content production.

Building A Portfolio For Future Opportunities

Reading books for money is an investment in a future portfolio that may lead to additional profitable chances; it's not just about the money you may make right away. A well-chosen portfolio with a variety of book reviews and perceptive assessments turns into a valuable tool for content producers and freelancers.

  • Professional Credibility - A strong portfolio establishes credibility in the cutthroat internet market and acts as a testimonial to one's skills.
  • Showcasing Skills- Posing a diverse portfolio of work indicates adaptability and expertise, which draws in potential partners and clients.

Contributing To The Literary Community

In addition to the financial benefits, reading for pay enables people to support the literary community. Through reviews, debates, and content production, individuals take an active role in the dynamic field of literature.

  • Community Engagement- Engaging in discussions centered upon books helps readers develop a feeling of community and common interest.
  • Influence and Impact - Careful critiques and assessments have the power to sway other readers, adding to the literary landscape in the process.
Person Reading Book and Holding Coffee
Person Reading Book and Holding Coffee

How Do You Get Paid To Read By Amazon?

If you enjoy reading and writing book reviews, consider Amazon, the Amazon of online book retailers. However, you risk having your Amazon account blocked if you review books for a living.

Authors may provide you with free books in exchange for your reviews on Amazon. However, the book cannot be exchanged for a review by the author. Reviews of books or goods authored or distributed by intimate friends, family members, businessassociates, or employers are likewise prohibited.

The most remarkable approach to getting compensated by Amazon for reading books is to launch a website dedicated to book reviews. Next, you can register as an Amazon Associate and distribute Amazon affiliate links on your website through product reviews. You are required to declare that the links are affiliate links and that each sale results in a commission for you.

Although a high-traffic website and an engaged audience are generally necessary for effective affiliate marketing, some of the best marketers make $100,000 a month. When you first start, your monthly income should be less than $1,000.

Legitimate Websites That Pay You To Read Books

Kirkus Reviews

Should you have ever spent some time on a book's Amazon page, you are likely familiar with Kirkus Reviews. Several of the blurbs you see on Amazon or the covers of your favorite books are published by this highly regarded source of book reviews.

It would be best if you were wondering where all of these reviews are coming from. That is the point at which you become involved. Book reviewers can apply online at Kirkus Media. They are currently especially looking for reviewers of independent games in both English and Spanish.

Experience, an acute eye, and the capacity to produce a 350-word evaluation in two weeks are among the attributes they seek in reviewers. Send your writing samples and résumé to be considered for the job!

Book In A Box

Book in a Box offers book reviewers and readers an extraordinary chance to get compensated for their labor. This business pays reviewers an astounding $100 per hour for reading books and giving their opinions.

Yes, you read and earn money at the same time. For any reader looking to supplement their income or expand their knowledge in the literary field, this is the perfect employment.

Book in a Box offers compensation to its readers for reviews on a wide range of genres, such as memoirs, biographies, fiction, and non-fiction. Since writing a book review usually takes two hours, readers might earn $200 or more for every book they read and evaluate.

Readers will not only get payment but also have the opportunity to be acknowledged for their contributions. On the Book in a Box website, reviews are presented, providing readers with an opportunity to showcase their work and get recognition.

Browse Books

To be considered as a reviewer for Book Browse, you will need to send in well-written sample reviews that are at least 300 words in length. BookBrowse offers evaluations of young adult, adult, and nonfiction books. Reviewers compose a "beyond the book" piece in addition to the book they are working on. About one review is written by reviewers each month.

The majority of Book Browser reviewers are US citizens, although the organization is willing to hire foreign workers as well. Publishers are unlikely to be able to ship print copies to a home outside of the United States, so you would have to settle for an e-book rather than a hard copy.

Women's Review Of Books

For each assigned and published review, Women's Review of Books receives $100. Women's Book evaluations are selective about whom they let review books, and they never give book evaluations to friends, family, coworkers, or adversaries of the author.

 Woman Holding Book
Woman Holding Book

The US Review Of Books

The US Review of Books requires reviews to be edited using the Chicago style. Two to three weeks following the assignment, reviews are needed. It's best to decide whatever game you want to review as soon as possible.

Reviews for US Review of Books typically range in length from 250 to 300 words. Reviewers receive payment each month for each review completed in the prior month.


The FAQ for Internet Book Club starts by cautioning prospective book reviewers, saying, "First of all, this is not some crazy online get-rich-quick scheme." You will not get wealthy, and you will not be able to quit your day job.

Aside from that intimidating reminder, the Online Book Club's configuration is really sensible and easy to understand. In addition to receiving a complimentary copy of the book, you will be compensated for your evaluation. It's also one of the few websites that is open about their payment terms, which range from $5 to $60.

Book Fairs

In addition to helping writers expand their platforms, eBookFairs offers a Paid Book Reader program that allows users to get paid for, you guessed it, reviewing books that are featured on the website.

It should be noted that they do have specific standards on what constitutes a review, so be sure you can fulfill them by carefully reading their guidelines before applying.

For example, the review needs to be at least 250 words, you need to give the author at least three days' notice in between submissions, and it needs to provide constructive criticism. A certain quantity of compensated reader opportunities are also open.


Booklist Publications is in need of freelance book reviews that should be between 150 and 175 words long and should include storyline synopses, recommendations for the target readership, and other details.

For every book review, Booklist pays $15, and you get paid when the review is published. Booklist reviews, which are a part of the American Library Association, are only meant to serve as a reference for school and public library employees when they are buying books for their libraries.

Person Behind Books
Person Behind Books

Best Sites To Get Paid To Read Books Aloud

Audio Creative Exchange (Acx)

The audiobook creative exchange platform ACX by Amazon is unquestionably the most well-known website for reading books aloud for cash. It's a fantastic location to start making money this way.

On websites like Audible and iTunes, where audiobook narrators are often hired, you may read books aloud for pay.

You will be regarded as an audiobook producer if you would like to narrate audiobooks on ACX. On the other hand, you are regarded as a rights Holder if you are a self-published author who would like to narrate your freshly released book and would prefer to own the audiobook rights.

To get started, simply create an Amazon account and join up. You may get compensated to read books aloud on Amazon, and the current information will be automatically filled out for ACX. All the specific information on how to become a narrator on this platform is covered in the ACX Help Center.

Uploading as many excellent samples as you can to your profile is one thing to keep in mind and put into practice. If you enjoy reading contemporary romance novels, write many free book samples to entice readers to get in touch with you and consider hiring you.

You will be paid an hourly fee that you have pre-determined when you read aloud after being chosen by a Right's Holder. In addition, you may get royalties of up to 20%, which will be divided among the holders of your rights.


Anyone looking to read audiobooks for pay can find possibilities on Voices, another site for audiobook narrators. This platform is used by companies including Microsoft, Shopify, and The History Channel for their audio services.

After registering for a primary or premium membership account, you need to upload a sample. Once you've found the perfect match, the built-in engine will match your voice with possible customers. From there, you may get in touch with them directly through our website.

The pay for a completed hour might range from $200 to $300, depending on how long the book review job is. Voices offers narrators for audiobooks in over 160 countries and 221 different languages!

Spoken Realms

A community of skilled, knowledgeable, and enthralling storytellers is called Spoken Realm. Suppose you're considering applying to be an audiobook narrator on this site. In that case, it will be advantageous if you're a member of SAG-AFTRA (a union of over 160,000 professional actors, journalists, voice-over artists, stunt artists, etc.), ACTRA (a Canada-based union with over 27,000 performers) or Equity (Actor's Equity Association).

You may read podcasts or narrate graphic novels in Spoken words. The conditions of payment are set out in terms of;

  • Per-Finished-Hour (PFH) - The audiobook business commonly uses the term "per-finished-hour" for remuneration. Since studio time varies, your pay is determined by taking into account each hour of finished recording rather than studio time.
  • Royalty Share - A portion of the royalties that are awarded to the authors might be earned by you. Spoken Realms has a flexible royalty share model that allows for profits to be divided according to the kind of output. The percentages you receive vary based on the number of participants in the audiobook recording.
 Woman Reading Book
Woman Reading Book

Other Ways Of Making Money By Reading Books Beyond Websites

Become A Book Proofreader

You may read novels that have yet to be released for pay as a proofreader. Because proofreaders fix spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes, proofreading is a crucial stage in the publication process. Proofreaders are always going to be needed, no matter how talented an author gets.

Therefore, proofreading positions are available for both big book publishers and writers who are self-publishing their works. Online proofreading is a flexible, meticulous work-from-home career that is in high demand.

An internet connection, a laptop or tablet, and the ability to identify errors are all you need to operate as a proofreader. If you're adept at identifying errors, being a proofreader is a terrific way to turn reading books into a job.

Start A Book Blog

One of the best things about beginning a blog is that it allows you to write whenever and whatever you want. It's also a viable source of income. Therefore, it's an intelligent side gig concept.

As with the previously suggested advice, becoming a successful blogger takes time. However, you might start to generate a consistent income from it with time. The blog will earn more money as it expands.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent method to monetize your site. In essence, this is what happens when a blogger or a publisher suggests a good or service. You then receive a small compensation if people follow your tip and make a purchase or subscribe to a service.

Become A Book Podcaster

You could make money discussing your favorite novels and stories by launching a podcast about literature. Perfect.

If your podcast becomes popular, consider methods to make money off of it, such as sponsorship and advertising. It might take a lot of time and effort to get there, but it can be worthwhile if you're dedicated to seeing your podcast succeed.

With advertising, you could potentially make more than £15,000 for every 1,000 downloads, or much more if your podcast becomes really popular.

However, expenses can be incurred. Purchasing audio recording equipment or renting a podcast studio is likely necessary if you want to become a professional podcaster.

To save money when you initially start, though, it can be worthwhile to record the episodes on your phone. At that point, if your audience starts to expand, it could be time to invest in better gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Profit With Booktok?

Books and authors that gain popularity on BookTok have experienced enormous sales gains, and some users of the platform make thousands of dollars from sponsored films.

How May The Book Reviews On OnlineBookClub Be Made Profitable?

Writing reviews may earn you money with OnlineBookClub. As a member, you may offer reviews and get compensated for the caliber and interest of your criticism.

Is It Possible To Earn Money Doing Book Reviews On Upwork As A Freelancer?

Yes, you may register as a book reviewer on Upwork, a freelance marketplace. You can be hired by clients who are looking for book reviews, which would provide you the chance to get paid for your reviewing services.

To Sum Up

The digital era has not only completely changed the way we read, but it has also given bookworms new opportunities to turn their love of reading into a profitable business.

The world of reading books provides a variety of avenues for making money off of your literary insights, from well-known websites to make money by reading books like Kirkus reviews and OnlineBookClub to freelancing possibilities on Upwork and Fiverr.

Whether you're writing interesting book reviews, trying your hand at audiobook narration on ACX, or building a profile on Booktok, these platforms will not only pay you but also further your education. Accept this point where literature and entrepreneurship converge, and use every page as a possible avenue for revenue.

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