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14 Marketing Example With Results - Marketing Tricks That Work

These 14 marketing example with results emphasizes the transformative power of well-executed marketing initiatives, demonstrating how a carefully crafted campaign can not only enhance brand visibility but also drive significant business growth.

John Harrison
John Harrison
Feb 12, 2024273 Shares4.7K Views
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  1. Hubspot - Branding Through Content Creation
  2. Nerdwallet - Awards And Content Partnerships
  3. General Electric's #Geinstawalk Campaign
  4. GoPro's Usage Of Consumer-Generated Advertising
  5. Coca-Cola's “Share A Coke” Campaign
  6. Spotify Wrapped Playlists
  7. Hairstylist Theresa Van Dam's Tiktok
  8. Superdrug Marketing Campaign
  9. Buffer Blog
  10. Domino’s - Piece Of The Pie Rewards
  11. Apple - Shot On IPhone
  12. Airbnb - Made Possible By Hosts
  13. Dove - Real Beauty
  14. Red Bull - Stratos
  15. What Is A Marketing Campaign?
  16. What Is Content Marketing?
  17. frequently asked questions
  18. Final Thoughts
14 Marketing Example With Results - Marketing Tricks That Work

A lot of great content marketing examples can help you get ideas and remember the goals you set for yourself. Remember that there are lots of different ways to be successful. For some, one video that becomes popular sends their businessthrough the roof. But for many, content marketing works best when they stick to a plan and make it better over time.

You will follow a different road than other people. Check out what other businesses have done to get great results from their content marketing. It might help you get back on track and out of the ditch. Take a look at the results of content marketing cases that were wildly popular. It can't hurt.

They help you think of your next big idea, or the results inspire you to keep going. Either way, these content marketing examples should get you back on track and give your readers what they need. In this article, we will discuss marketing example with results.

Hubspot - Branding Through Content Creation

Blue and Green Pie Chart
Blue and Green Pie Chart

A study by Hubspot found that businesses with more than 400 blog posts get three times as many leads as businesses with less than 100 blog posts. Companies that write 16 or more blog posts a month get 4.5 times as many leads as companies that only write 0–4 blog posts a month, the study also found.

Not only is it essential to write good content, but it's also essential to be able to write a lot of content. By showing up for long-tail search terms, websites with more material get more search traffic every month. When people look for different things and see the same website come up, they remember the name of the company.

When readers know that new content will be added every day, they check the site more often, which can lead to more social shares and direct links. Because of what it learned, Hubspot put out at least one blog post every day on all of its sites.

For sales, marketing, companies, and customer service staff to reach their ideal customers, they have their blogs. Hubspot is one of the best-known examples of content marketing that works. The company makes over $500 million a year and has more than 2,000 workers.

Nerdwallet - Awards And Content Partnerships

In a way similar to Hubspot's, NerdWallet beat out rivals like Bankrate, Lending Tree, and The Motley Fool to increase its value to over $500 million. A quick search on Google shows that the site has more than 47,000 pages listed. AHrefs says that the site ranks for more than 3.1 million keyword terms.

Nerdwallet also used its even greater fame to solidify its place as the market leader in its field. They made their award to honor some of the best financial service providers, such as Discover and Chase, which are both well-known large companies.

Some of these sites, like Discover, linked back to NerdWallet in exchange. NerdWallet was also able to share its material with over 1,650 news sites thanks to a deal with the Associated Press. They also let other people post content on their site through guest writing and other partnerships, which made a massive difference in the amount of content that was produced.

A Person Holding a Paper of Business Analytics
A Person Holding a Paper of Business Analytics

General Electric's #Geinstawalk Campaign

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to sell information. Social media is an integral part of any successful content strategy, whether you're using it to promote your content on Twitter or post interesting and powerful photos on Instagram.

What might need to be clarified is how a company like General Electric, which is usually thought of as a dull industrial one, could become a massive Instagram star. This view of GE's company likely drove them. They didn't want to be seen as just another industry business. They wanted to be seen by more people and appeal to younger people who might want to invest.

GE decided to start an Instagram campaign to show people what it's like to be inside their different sites and see their work up close. Starting with the Aviation Engine Testing Center in Winnipeg and ending with the Transportation Manufacturing Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. GE chose six Instagram stars to take stunning pictures and post them with the phrase "#GEInstaWalk" for each trip.

To begin, the effort brought more than 3.8 million new people to the GE Instagram account. Also, more than 200,000 events were planned for just a few days after the first trip. GE also got 3000 new Instagram fans to top it all off. All of this was done without any paid help from the media. Isn't it wild?

GoPro's Usage Of Consumer-Generated Advertising

The content marketing strategy that GoPro used to become the best video camera company quickly was just like this one. GoPro's content strategy is simple: they don't make their own overproduced and fake content with their cameras. Instead, they find action-packed, powerful videos made by other GoPro users and share them with the world.

GoPro also works with well-known athletes to get more people to know about their brand by using the fans of those athletes. This two-pronged method of collecting material has worked really well for the GoPro brand.

Several campaigns, like the GoPro Awards campaign, ask people to send in videos for events and offer prizes for the best videos. GoPro gets the content it needs in the end, and its users have a solid reason to send in the best videos they can find. Everyone comes out ahead in this situation.

A massive 75% rise in sales from one year to the next should be enough to show you that GoPro's content marketing efforts were a huge success. Also, views on the GoPro YouTube channel went up by 84%, and watch times went up by 140%. Now, in 2020, GoPro has more than 9 million individual YouTube users.

People in the Office Discussing a Project
People in the Office Discussing a Project

Coca-Cola's “Share A Coke” Campaign

If you haven't been living under a rock, this is an example of content marketing that you've seen a lot of times. A big part of any content marketing strategy that works is personalization. For your success, you should avoid making general comments that only a few people will find helpful.

So, what could be more personal than calling someone out by their name? It was more challenging than adding a name to the subject line of an email, though. When people saw their name on a Coke bottle, they felt driven not only to buy the bottle but also to take pictures of themselves holding the prized bottle.

Coke also came up with a unique call to action that worked well with the campaign's high level of personalization. This CTA was catchy and hard to forget, and people were practically begging to buy a bottle, whether it was for themselves or a friend whose name was on the label.

Coca-Cola was already a well-known brand, but the Share a Coke campaign got awe-inspiring results. A 2% rise in soft drink sales, more than 500,000 pictures shared, and 25 million new Facebook friends are some of the accomplishments.

Spotify Wrapped Playlists

Spotify Wrapped is one of the best content marketing efforts for the music streaming app. Close to the end of each year, Spotify users get a fun list of all the songs they've liked. The compilation is shown with a lot of different types of pictures that are organized by theme, year, artist, and more.

Then, it makes a tailored playlist of the user's most listened-to songs. Users can then share their wrapped playlists on social media, which is a vital part of the campaign that has made it a social media hit every year since it started.

A Group of People with Graphs and Pie Charts on Table
A Group of People with Graphs and Pie Charts on Table

Hairstylist Theresa Van Dam's Tiktok

The owner of the Fantastic Sams Salon in Lenox, Illinois, is Theresa Van Dam. She does hair. People love her TikTok account because it has funny skits about how she deals with rude customers, whom she calls "Karen."

People often say that her writing is understandable for anyone who has ever had to deal with a demanding customer. TikTok users come to the account for laughs, but they are also shown videos of her excellent work as a stylist, so this approach to content works. Theresa has said many times in her videos that she has so many customers that new ones often have to book her months in advance because she is so busy. Her TikTok now has 4.9 million fans.

Superdrug Marketing Campaign

Another excellent example of taking several marketing ideas and making them into a social media effort is Superdrug. That being said, you probably saw this ad for yourself. Superdrug asked 18 graphic artists from around the world to use Photoshop to change the same picture of a model to fit the standards of beauty in their own countries.

The findings were shared on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, which caused a considerable amount of media attention. More than a million people shared this effort on social media at the end. How many people clicked through? Seven hundred thousand people saw the Superdrug website in five days.

Buffer Blog

The three-part content marketing approach used by Buffer makes it one of our favorite content marketing examples. Guest blogging helped the company grow at first. They wrote a few times a day and posted their work on popular websites. Buffer got its first 100,000 customers with the help of that growth hacking approach.

At first, Buffer's blog was mainly about writing for the people who had an impact on their customers, creating high-quality material that people would want to share. Buffer has four blogs now. The Transparency blog and the Open blog are two of them. Over the years, they've written about the ups and downs of their business on these blogs.

They also send out regular emails with their best material. With almost 400,000 users and about a million fans across various social media sites, the numbers speak for themselves: Buffer is a well-known and popular brand.

Woman Holding Documents
Woman Holding Documents

Domino’s - Piece Of The Pie Rewards

More than 310 million people in the US use smartphones. This means that brands can reach customers on their phones, which is a big chance to succeed. With its "Piece of the Pie Rewards" program, Domino's has been able to get people to use their phones, tablets, computers, and pretty much any other mobile device where they can download the app and make a Pizza Profile.

Customers get 10 points for every $10 they spend. When they reach 60 points, they can exchange them for a free medium pizza with two toppings. People who like pizza are interested in the chance to get a free meal, but the success of the campaign and award program is about more than free food. It's driven by customers who are interested in and use the app often. Domino's does more than sell pizza to connect with its customers in fun ways.

Apple - Shot On IPhone

The "Shot on iPhone" ad, which Apple started in 2014, was meant to show off the camera on the phone. To show how shooters around the world were using the iPhone's high-tech camera system, the campaign used signs, which are a more traditional way to get the message across.

Apple relies on user-generated content, so it asked iPhone users to post pictures made with the phone on social media with the phrase #ShotoniPhone. Lots of people have sent the company millions of photos and videos on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) since it started.

Around the world, the best pictures of the iPhone have been blown up and put up on signs, buildings, and other prominent outdoor public places. With each new iPhone, there are calls for pictures that celebrate different themes, events, and movements. This works well and isn't slowing down any time soon.

Airbnb - Made Possible By Hosts

Airbnb started its first global ad campaign in five years at the beginning of 2021. There was still a lot of fear in the world at the time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The holiday rental company used the ad to get people excited about traveling and seeing new places.

This effort to build the brand "Made Possible by Hosts" reminded people of how magical travel can be and how special it can be to stay with an Airbnb host. The business said that people are ready to see the world again. Find out more about the cause.

The user-generated content at the heart of Made Possible by Hosts helped Airbnb reunite with a target audience that needed help. This led to 10 times more activity on Facebook than Airbnb's average marketing content.

Dove - Real Beauty

Dove is running a global campaign to boost women's confidence and spread the company's idea of beauty equality, which says that women's differences should be praised. In 2004, the company started this effort to raise awareness.

It spread the company's social movement and goal of making women feel better about their self-esteem around the world, and it also helped Dove's sales. Dove's sales went from $2.5 billion to $4 billion in its first ten years, and it became the most popular brand of soap in the US.

Red Bull - Stratos

Red Bull's Stratos Mission was a marketing move meant to get people around the world to know about their brand and inspire them to go beyond their limits. Franz Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver, went 128,000 feet into the air over New Mexico in a gas rocket for this effort in 2012. After that, he free-fell while wearing a pressure suit and parachuted the rest of the way to Earth.

More than 60 million people saw this amazing accomplishment on social media, which made Red Bull look good. In about 82% of these contacts with the company, people were happy about Baumgartner's record-breaking jump.

Magnifying Glass on Blue and White Paper
Magnifying Glass on Blue and White Paper

What Is A Marketing Campaign?

A business's plan to get people to buy its goods and services is called a marketing effort. You can connect with customers in many ways, such as through TV, radio, print, and internet sites. The goal is to come up with messages that get to the people you want to reach, whether they are present or future customers, and get them interested in your brand.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means making and collecting information to get new prospects and turn them into leads. If you want to attract, teach, inform, persuade, or excite a prospect to become a customer, you can use any message.

Content marketing isn't just about making sales right away; it's also about getting leads and building brand recognition. This kind of marketing can be sent out through blogs, emails, e-books, discussion boards, forums, case studies, videos (more and more businesses are doing workshops), social media, and a lot of other places.

To put it simply, content marketing is the process of making good content that gets people interested in your products and services and turns them into loyal fans who will tell their friends about your business.

frequently asked questions

What Is Hubspot's Content Marketing Strategy, And What Results Did They Achieve?

Hubspot's strategy involves daily blog posts. The results: Companies with over 400 blog posts get three times more leads, and those posting 16+ times a month get 4.5 times more leads.

What Made Coca-Cola's "Share A Coke" Campaign Successful?

Coca-Cola's campaign personalized its product by featuring individual names on bottles, driving a 2% rise in soft drink sales.

What Is Marketing With An Example?

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services involving activities such as advertising, public relations, and sales. An example is Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign, where personalized bottles with individual names were created to engage customers and boost sales.

What Are The Results Of Good Marketing?

Good marketing can lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and higher sales.

Final Thoughts

To start marketing your brand, you must understand the marketing example with results. There is a great way to start content marketing right away: look at what other people who have done well have done. You can use their success as a model when making your content marketing plan. A video series, LinkedIn email marketing, or even workshops are all great ways for some companies to get their name out there.

You need to figure out what will help your business the most to get those possible customers. Media like emails, podcasts, social media posts, and movies are all examples of content marketing. All of these types of content are meant to give people helpful and relevant information that makes them happy and makes them want to stick with your brand.

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