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How To Become A Freelance Photographer?

Are you intrigued by the idea of embarking on a journey to discover how to become a freelance photographer? Becoming a freelance photographer is an exciting venture that allows individuals to showcase their creative prowess while enjoying the freedom of managing their own schedules and projects.

John Harrison
John Harrison
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  1. What Is A Freelance Photographer?
  2. What Does A Freelance Photographer Do?
  3. 6 Steps To Follow To Become A Freelance Photographer
  4. Freelance Photographer Skills
  5. Helpful Tools & Resources For Freelance Photographers
  6. Freelance Vs. Starting A Small Photography Business
  7. Other Ways To Make Money
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion
How To Become A Freelance Photographer?

Embarking on the journey of becoming a freelance photographer opens up a world of creative possibilities and entrepreneurial freedom. In this dynamic career, individuals can leverage their artistic skills behind the lens to earn a living while enjoying the flexibility of setting their schedules and choosing projects that resonate with their passions.

The realm of freelance photography offers diverse opportunities, from travel and landscape photography to commercial, portrait, wedding, and fine art photography. Understanding the essence of this profession, where photographers provide their services in exchange for a fee, is crucial for those aspiring to venture into the world of freelance photography.

Delving into the intricacies of how to become a freelance photographerinvolves dedication to the craft, a willingness to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, and the realization that success, as seen in the journeys of professionals like Michael and Gavi, is achievable through perseverance.

What Is A Freelance Photographer?

Woman Holding Dslr Camera
Woman Holding Dslr Camera

An independent photographer is someone who works for themselves and does photoshoots for other people or makes photos and sells them. An independent photographer, on the other hand, is someone who works for themselves and runs their own photography business. It can be in any group, such as.

  • Photographing trips
  • Photography of landscapes
  • Business photography
  • Photographing a wedding
  • Photography for art
  • Pictures of people

As a freelance shooter, you're like a small business run by one person. Every day, you will depend on your skills to handle all of your business's tasks. It would be up to you to sell your business, book clients, take care of their photography needs, and handle all of the office work for the business. You will be in charge of marketing, taking pictures, and running errands all at the same time.

What Does A Freelance Photographer Do?

People hire freelance shooters to do things like take pictures and edit them. These shooters can do work for a range of people and businesses. Also, they might.

  • Meet with clients to talk about what they want and what the job needs.
  • Make a list of shots with different ideas and angles for your business.
  • Plan photography meetings with clients and the owners of the venues.
  • Come up with picture shoot ideas.
  • Look for places to suggest for photo shoots.
  • Make and talk over contracts for shooting services.
  • Set up the set with props and camera gear.
  • Change things about the camera, like the focus, shutter speed, and angle.
  • Sort through client pictures and make sure they are delivered on time.
 Person Holding Black Dslr Camera
Person Holding Black Dslr Camera

6 Steps To Follow To Become A Freelance Photographer

It can be terrifying to start a new business, but there are only so many perfect plans that work for all brands. Your business will do well, though, if you put money into yourself and have drive, confidence, and a long-term plan for your business.

Creating A Business Plan

These steps are all part of the process of making a business plan. A business plan can be a simple description of your business. It just needs to be a guide that you can use when you get off track.

Find Your Niche In Freelancing As A Photographer

People who are new to freelancing might be shocked to learn how many different types of photography jobs are available. Every business is different, and there are many ways for freelance shooters to become experts in certain areas.

Social Media Photography

This type of shooting is for people who want to focus on Instagram or Facebook. Picture sales are high right now because companies need a lot of good, relevant material to get more followers on social media, especially if they want to advertise on these sites.

Family And Portrait Photography

Of all the types of freelance photography, family pictures are one of the most common and well-known. This type of freelance photography is in high demand because families are constantly growing and changing, and parents want to remember special times.

Event Photography

Event photography includes things like shows, weddings, and parties. Party planners are always looking for independent shooters to record these critical events. For this type of freelance photography, you need to be good at networking, and the best way to get hired is to know and meet event managers.


One of a kind, photojournalism (also called "press photography") is a mix of art, journalism, and photos. This kind of freelance photography is usually about news and documentation, politics around the world, or street photos.

Other Styles Of Photography

If you are a shooter who works for yourself, the sky is the limit. Everyone who can take a picture can find someone who can use it. A lot of shooters focus on one area, like fashion, food, travel, wildlife, or real estate.

Discovering And Investing In Photography Equipment

It is essential to look into what goods are available and what you like to use when choosing what gear to use as a professional photographer. There are a lot of different camera brands, accessories, and editing software packages to choose from.

Though these items vary in price and quality, as a freelance shooter, one of the most important things to remember is that "it's the artist, not the tool." In photography, this saying means that you need to learn how to use your camera and accessories, even if you buy the most expensive gear.

Deciding Rates

A lot of people charge less or less for picture services. Making a package that includes the shoot and a certain number of edits is one way to set the price of your photos! When taking pictures of a family, let the clients choose a plan whose price depends on how many edited pictures they want.

It costs $62.54 an hour to be an independent photographer in the United States. When setting the prices for the different deals, you should be honest about how long it will take to do a photo shoot, look through the pictures, and edit the best ones.

Marketing Your Freelance Photography Business

Once you have a small portfolio of your work as a professional photographer, you can use it to add pictures to your website and social media accounts to show off your skills.

When a business is just starting, it's essential to get as many customers as possible. Feel free to email, call, and talk to other people to find people who want your services.

Developing A Portfolio

The easiest part of the business plan is to add more photos to your portfolio. This is also an essential part of keeping your brand as a professional photographer. It's also crucial for getting new clients and advertising your photography business.

It's essential to show off your skills and set yourself apart from other photographers as you get better and take more pictures. This can be done well with a resume. That way, clients can see right away how skilled you are and what to expect if they hire you.

Silhouette of Man Holding Camera
Silhouette of Man Holding Camera

Freelance Photographer Skills

To improve your photos, here are some tips:

Interpersonal Communication

Freelance photographers can build good ties with their clients by talking to them face-to-face. They can change how they do things to suit each client while still being responsible. For instance, freelance shooters might talk to a young child differently than they would to a college graduate.

Time Management

Freelance photographers may have to plan more than one photo shoot at once, so they need to be able to set aside enough time to take and edit good pictures. To get to and from their picture shoots, they may also plan to spend more time.


Freelance photographers can set themselves apart from other artists and take engaging pictures of their clients if they are creative. Photographers use props and camera settings to make their pictures better.

For instance, at a college graduation, the photographer might tell the student to walk around with smoke bombs. The bright colors from the smoke can make the picture more interesting.

Technical Skills

To work as a freelance photographer, you need to have good technical skills, like being able to use technology and tools like


To work as a freelance photographer, you need to know how to use a camera, including how to angle it to get the right shot and how to get the pictures onto a computer.


Conditions outside, like cloudy weather or dark places, might not provide the best lighting, so freelance shooters often use tools to reflect light where they can.

Editing Software

When a photo shoot is over, independent photographers edit the pictures and then send them to the client.

Scheduling Software

Freelance photographers can handle and set up shoot times for their clients with scheduling software.

Woman Leaning Back on Tree Trunk Using Black Dslr Camera during Day
Woman Leaning Back on Tree Trunk Using Black Dslr Camera during Day

Helpful Tools & Resources For Freelance Photographers

Wonderful Machine

Excellent Machine is a great tool for freelance photographers because it lets them meet with people who might hire them.

It helps photographers get more clients and be seen in the industry by giving them publicity, marketing help, and chances to show off their portfolios.

Great Online Photography Courses

Online photography classes are essential for freelance shooters who want to keep improving their skills. These courses, which cover everything from technical skills to artistic views, are flexible and easy to get to.

They help photographers improve their skills, keep up with changes in the industry, and stay competitive in the ever-changing field of photography.


FotoQuote is a must-have app for freelance shooters who need to set prices for their services. This software makes it easier to set prices for photography licenses by taking into account things like rights, uses, and market prices.

It gives photographers the power to get fair deals and makes sure that their artistic work is valued fairly.

Getty Images Price Calculator

Photographers who work on their own can use the Getty Images Price Calculator to figure out how much it costs to license their photos. The calculator gives a clear and consistent way to figure out prices by taking into account things like picture resolution, usage type, and length of time.

This tool helps photographers set fair prices for the business use of their photos that are in line with industry standards.

Freelance Vs. Starting A Small Photography Business

If you're a great freelance photographer, consider starting your own small photography business. On the other hand, you should keep working as a freelancer. It would help if you chose the road that works best for you based on your preferred way of working.

As a freelance shooter, you can do a vast range of different tasks. By taking pictures for other companies, you can work on a variety of projects and avoid getting stuck in just one type of photography.

Freelancing also means you can spend less time on administrative jobs than you would if you ran your own business. But doing independent work means you have to depend on other companies, and those companies will usually take a finder's fee out of each photoshoot.

If you want to be your boss, you might like the idea of starting a small-picture business. When you work for yourself, you can focus on a specific area of shooting that interests you. If your business does well, you can also hire independent photographers and get paid finder's fees in return.

Woman Using Slr Camera
Woman Using Slr Camera

Other Ways To Make Money

As with any independent job, there will be times when you're busy and times when nothing seems to be happening. It's just how the business works.

When you're not making money, you need a way to make sure you have enough to pay your bills and keep going. When things are tough, here are some ways you can make extra money.

Join A Stock Agency To Sell Stock Photos

There are lots of stock sites. You should think about what kind of return on investment you can get for your time and pictures. Check out all the stock sites and set your prices based on how little a customer is willing to pay for pictures.

On many subscription-based stock sites, clients can get a single picture for as little as $0.40. This can't go on forever, so think about a co-op model like Stocksy, which can pay shooters much more.

Enter Photo Contests

You can join photo contests with a lot of work if you take pictures for a living. Check out the awards for each contest and look for ones that have few entries. You might not win the prize, but you're still trying.

Run Workshops Or Teach Photography On Youtube

A lot of people who follow you on social media will want to learn how you do what you do. Some of them might be fans or other shooters who want to know how you get your unique look.

To make the most of this, you should either hold classes or teach photography online through YouTube. If you do this right, it could become a stable source of income for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Start As A Freelance Photographer?

Build a strong portfolio, establish an online presence and network, and consider small gigs for experience.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Freelance Photographer?

Focus on a robust portfolio, technical skills, creativity, and effective networking, with formal education being a plus.

How Much Can A Freelance Photographer Make?

Varies but experienced freelancers can earn from hundreds to thousands per project based on expertise, location, and clientele.

How Do You Get Paid As A Freelance Photographer?

Payment is project-based and agreed upon in advance. Some earn from image licensing, while rates may be hourly or daily.


Venturing into freelance photography involves not only capturing compelling images but also managing the intricacies of a personal business. As a freelance photographer, you wear multiple hats, from marketing your skills and setting prices to interacting with clients and delivering high-quality work.

The path to becoming a successful freelance photographer requires strategic steps, including identifying your niche, investing in the right equipment, determining fair rates, and actively marketing your services.

Remember, as you build a robust portfolio and showcase your creativity, continual learning, and adaptation to industry changes will keep you competitive in the dynamic field of freelance photography. Mastering these aspects is pivotal in understanding how to become a freelance photographer.

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