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How To Be A Google Ads Freelancer?

A Google Ads Specialist is an individual who strategizes, establishes, and oversees campaigns within the Google Ads platform. In this article, we'll explore the steps how to be a google ads freelancer!

John Harrison
John Harrison
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  5. How Much Does A Google Ads Freelancer Make?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
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How To Be A Google Ads Freelancer?

The strategic relevance of Google Ads in marketing, the need for lifelong learning, the combination of creative and analytical talents needed, and the direct influence on businessresults set it apart from other career pathways.

Individuals who are interested in digital marketingwill find it to be an appealing career path since it provides a one-of-a-kind combination of difficulties and benefits. As is the case with any other line of work, functioning as a freelancer for Google Ads might be challenging in the beginning, but it can be highly lucrative in the latter stages of the profession.

We will cover all you need to know abouthow to be a Google Ads freelancerand begin working as a freelancer for Google Ads in this informational guide.

What Is A Google Ads Specialist?

Google Ads On Mobile
Google Ads On Mobile

An individual who prepares sets up, and oversees Google Ads campaigns is known as a Google Ads Specialist. They may have a strong focus on assisting clients with company advertising, or they may be an all-arounder who assists with advertisements in addition to other relevant requirements like websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and more.

Some businesses decide to manage their campaigns with the assistance of a Google Ads specialist. This is particularly true for small businesses that don't have the time or finances to run successful Google Ads campaigns.

Ongoing optimization is necessary for the most effective campaigns; this includes changing bids, testing new advertisements, and tweaking targeting. When it comes to Google Ads, there's a lot to do!

These professionals need to be at ease creating and overseeing Google Ads campaigns. It is also expected of them to be aware of the most recent features and upgrades that Google publishes for their advertising platform, or to know where to seek for them.

Google Ads
Google Ads

What Do Google Ads Specialists Do?

Checking The Current Performance Of Google Ads

To identify what is and is not working with the advertising, a Google advertising Specialist must assess their performance. To do this, they examine several variables, such as cost, click-through rate, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Reviewing Google Ads Targeting

Because it helps concentrate the distribution of advertisements to the perfect client or prospect, targeting is crucial. A Google Ads Specialist will analyze a variety of targeting choices, including demographics, in-market audiences, and remarketing audiences, in addition to location and device targeting for campaigns.

Launching New Campaigns

A Google Ads Specialist will go at current keywords and do keyword research. fresh ad groups or campaigns will be created and launched when fresh keywords match advertising goals. They may also develop display, video, commerce, and other kinds of advertising in addition to search marketing.

Enhancing Advertising Campaigns

To get the greatest results, campaigns must be managed and optimized by Google Ads Specialists. This entails changing bids, changing targeting, adding negative keywords, and more.

Provide Recommendations

In addition to overseeing campaigns and advertising in Google AdWords, an expert may provide suggestions for enhancing landing pages and website functionality. Given that most conversions occur on a company's website, this is particularly crucial for initiatives intended to increase conversions.


A campaign will be watched over by a Google Ads Specialist, who will also provide relevant performance data. Weekly or monthly, depending on the campaign and account under management, might be the frequency of this. This enables a customer to assess campaign effectiveness about predetermined KPIs and goals.

Logo And Icons
Logo And Icons

How To Become A Google Ads Specialist?

Learn How Google Ads Work

Understanding how Google Ads operates is the first step towards becoming a Google Ads professional. Through the Google Ads platform, companies may promote their goods and services on Google and other online domains.

Advertisers pay for each click on their adverts according to the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Advertisers are subject to bidding by other firms to display their adverts to certain people. To decide which advertisements are displayed, Google evaluates these bids in real-time along with other considerations.

Companies may choose the audiences for their advertisements as well as the kinds of campaigns to launch. The format of your adverts is determined by the sort of campaign you are running. At the moment, Google is compatible with the following campaign types;

  • Search Campaigns - These are text-based advertisements that show up at the top of Google search results pages. Google partner sites may also display search advertisements.
  • Display - These are text and visual advertisements that show up on various Google Display Network websites and applications.
  • Shopping - These advertisements are for specific eCommerce goods. These are located under the Shopping tab, which is located beneath the search box, or at the top of search results pages.
  • App - These are app-related advertisements that may show up on Google Play, YouTube, or Google Search.
  • Video - On YouTube and other Google partner websites, these advertisements play before videos.

All of these campaign kinds need the ability to be designed and overseen by Google Ads Specialists. PPC campaign optimization is a complex process, and newbies have a lot to learn.

Understand The Google Ads Certification Process

After you understand how Google Ads operates, you should be ready to get certified in the program. Google employs certifications as a means of identifying your proficiency with its advertising platform.

It demonstrates that you have not only mastered Google Ads but have also invested the time and energy to enhance your education on your own when you can add a certification to your CV.

Certifications might assist in establishing the validity of your marketing agency business. By doing this, you may differentiate yourself from the competition and perhaps attract more customers. It's a prerequisite for formal Google Ads Partner status.

Google uses its educational platform, Google Skillshop, to give certified certificates. You may study courses on the learning platform, and you can manage your certificates with an account. A certification requires passing a knowledge test. The purpose of the courses on Skillshop is to assist you in test preparation. To learn more about Google Ads, there are a ton of more resources available.

Choose Your Google Ads Certifications

Selecting which Google Ads certifications to get is the next step. Every Google Ads category has certifications. These are listed in the following order;

  • Google Certification for Ads Search- confirms your proficiency in creating and optimizing search campaigns.
  • Google Shopping Ads Certification - confirms your knowledge of configuring Google Merchant Center and optimizing shopping campaigns.
  • Google Display Ads Certification - confirms your understanding of display advertising' functionality and campaign use.
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification- demonstrates your proficiency with Google's reporting tools for campaign measurement and optimization.
  • Google Ads Video Certification- demonstrates your ability to maximize the impact of video initiatives.
  • Google Ads Apps Certification- demonstrates your ability to employ app campaigns to accomplish a variety of marketing goals.

Having certifications in many Google Ads disciplines is beneficial for a Google Ads Specialist. It is quite unusual that you will have to oversee just one kind of campaign throughout your whole marketing career.

Person With Mobile
Person With Mobile

Prepare For The Google Ads Exam

It's time to get ready for the tests after you've decided on the credentials you wish to get. The Skillshop classes are the ideal place to start. Skillshop provides a series of online courses for every certification that you may use to be ready for the test. You may utilize the following classes, for instance, to get ready for the Google Ads Search certification;

  • Expand Your Enterprise Using Google Ads
  • Examine the Benefits of Google Search
  • Recognize the Google Ads Auction
  • Utilize Text Ads to Send the Correct Message
  • Use Search Ad Extensions to Make Ads More Relevant
  • Boost Productivity with Automated Bidding
  • Use Search Audiences to Reach Valuable Customers
  • Optimize Score to Increase Performance
  • Use Performance Planner to Boost Conversion

Click the browse button in the navigation menu to see the lessons. Navigate to Google Ads - Google Ads Certifications from there.

Get Your Google Ads Certification

It's time to take the test that you have studied for! You may take the examinations anywhere for free, and Skillshop provides them. Multiple-choice and true/false questions make up the test. A passing grade requires at least 80 percent of the possible points, whereas Google Ads App certification requires just 70 percent.

Gain Practical Experience

Practice With Real Campaigns

Develop and oversee your own Google AdWords campaigns, or provide your assistance to nearby companies or charitable groups in need of advertising support. To become an expert in Google Ads, practical experience is essential.

Internships Or Entry-Level Positions

Seek internships or entry-level jobs with in-house marketing teams, advertising agencies, or digital marketing companies. You will get real-world experience working on actual campaigns under the supervision of seasoned experts thanks to these possibilities.

Focus On A Certain Area

Determine Your Specialization

You may want to think about focusing on a certain area of Google Ads, including search, display, video, e-commerce, or mobile advertising. Being specialized may make you stand out in the job market and help you become an authority in the field of your choice.

Advanced Training And Certifications

After establishing a strong foundation, work toward obtaining more education and certifications in the field of your choice. Google, for instance, provides further certificates like the Google Ads Video and Display certificates.

What Google Ads Freelance Jobs Can You Find?

You'll be pleased to hear that companies are always looking to increase their client outreach via digital marketing, which means that PPC professionals are in high demand. Naturally, there are always a lot of Google Ads jobs available since PPC is a significant component of digital marketing.

If you want to pursue this career path or just use Google Ads as a side gig, you won't have to worry about running out of work since this also covers freelancing opportunities for Google Ads professionals. To grasp what we're talking about, all you have to do is look at a website like Upwork!

Conversely, there are several variations in the kind of freelancing Google Ads expert positions that are available. For instance, you may be hired as a freelance consultant for Google AdWords, offering your counsel on the optimal way for a business to handle its paid advertising campaign.

White Lcd
White Lcd

How Much Does A Google Ads Freelancer Make?

The potential earnings of a freelance Google AdWords expert range somewhat from the typical compensation of a Google Ads specialist. This is because a freelancer often receives variable compensation or income based on the customer or the contract they accept, as opposed to a set wage that is stated clearly in a job contract.

Additionally, as opposed to an annual set amount, which is often the case while working for an employer full-time, a Google Ads freelancer's pay is typically determined using an hourly rate. Finally, the amount you get isn't always in your control when taking on customers from websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

But we can tell you that the pay for freelancers working on Google Ads is reasonable, ranging from $15 to $40. But keep in mind that the average is determined over a broad spectrum of positions, experiences, and abilities. However, it is the going salary for a typical independent contractor in marketing.

However, if you establish yourself as a well-known independent PPC specialist, you may start making at least $80 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Common Challenges Faced By Google Ads Freelancers?

Challenges include fluctuating client demands, competition, staying updated with algorithm changes, and managing multiple campaigns effectively.

How Can You Differentiate Yourself From Other Google Ads Freelancers?

Showcase unique expertise, emphasize a results-driven approach, provide exceptional client service, and build a strong portfolio.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Google Ads Freelancer?

Flexibility in work hours, ability to choose clients and projects, potential for higher earnings, and opportunities for professional growth and skill development.

Final Thoughts

A Google Ads Specialist is well-versed in Google Ads and adept at optimizing campaign setup, management, and performance. A genuine Google Ads expert may be distinguished from someone who is only dabbling with the platform by optimizing ads and comprehending the elements that contribute to success.

Even while earning your Google Ads certification is beneficial, there are other ways to show off your abilities. As we have discussed how to be a Google Ads freelancer, it's easier than ever to become a freelancing Google Ads Specialist because of the abundance of tools available.

To begin, enroll in a course, get a certification, and then increase your practical experience. It is best to spend as much time as possible handling campaigns. Before you know it, you'll be a freelancer in Google Ads!

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