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Best Tools To Build Content That People Link To

With these best tools to build content that people link to, you can optimize your content for search engines, increase its shareability on social media platforms, and ultimately attract more backlinks.

John Harrison
John Harrison
Feb 14, 20241.2K Shares17.2K Views
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  4. Top 4 Tools Video Creation And Webinar
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Best Tools To Build Content That People Link To

Are you looking for the best tools to build content that people link to? Having the appropriate tools significantly enhances your productivity in producing visually captivating and well-organized material. The little devices and software that make a creator's work easier are known as content production tools.

Everything from picture editing software to ring lights keeps you organized, creative, and productive. With them, it's easier to get mired in the subtleties of creation, endangering valuable time that might be better used interacting with your community.

Brunette Woman Recording Video on Sofa
Brunette Woman Recording Video on Sofa

Obtaining information and data might be one of the most time-consuming aspects of article creation. You may need to devote more time to study than a content producer whose primary goal is amusement, mainly if the goal of your work is to teach. The tools listed below might be helpful.

You may use Google Trends as a tool to monitor the evolution of search phrase popularity over time. It allows you to compare the popularity of related search phrases and see what is currently trending.

An excellent technique to break over a creative block is to look for subject ideas on Google Trends if you're ever stuck for ideas. Bonus: as this author explains, the People Also Ask area on your search page is another fantastic Google tool for brainstorming.

Similar to its Google equivalent, Pinterest Trends is a little-known but handy tool that monitors the popularity of specific phrases on Pinterest. It goes one step further, however, by comparing what's aesthetically pleasing now with what was two months ago or even 10 years ago.

Keeping up with the newest aesthetic and design trends is frequently necessary when creating content; Pinterest Trends gives you a visual representation of current trends and how your content might fit into them.


A search listening technology called AnswerthePublic helps producers understand what their consumers are searching for. Enter a term to get a wealth of autocomplete information from well-known search engines like Google.

This tool makes it easier to come up with content ideas by assisting you in finding out what queries your audience is asking. Just respond to the questions in your videos and make sure your description includes the essential word.


You may ask questions to ChatGPT, an AI tool, on whatever you choose; the only restrictions are your creativity and the fact that its knowledge is limited until 2023. You can only depend a little on the platform since access is limited by its capacity.

The ability of ChatGPT (and other AI research tools) to filter content for you gives it an advantage over Google. It only provides you with a few possibilities to choose from when you ask a question; instead, you have to search for the answer. Instead, it provides a well-chosen response in the format you choose.

Woman Recording Content
Woman Recording Content

Top 4 Tools For Content Writing

Good writing facilitates reader engagement. Furthermore, it may raise search engine ranks. You may produce better content yourself or hire artificial intelligence (AI) to generate it for you using the newest content production technologies. Use them for textual forms such as newsletters and blog entries.

Semrush SEO Content Template

In only a few minutes, Semrush's SEOtext Template produces suggestions for search-friendly text. It examines the characteristics shared by the top-ranking search results for your chosen keywords.

Then, it offers suggestions to aid in your competition. The tool offers recommendations for readability, text length, and other factors. You may access your brief in the SEO Writing Assistant once it's ready.


Grammarly is a tool for checking grammar and spelling. However, it may also assist you with the tone, concision, and other writing-related issues. Consider it a helping hand to make sure your writing is error-free and flows well.

Grammarly provides desktop and mobile content production tools in addition to its online application. Additionally, you may prevent mistakes in emails and online forms by using browser extensions.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App rates the readability of your material. It offers practical suggestions for simplifying text. To improve the engagement and ranking of your content. Use the desktop program or online app to run your written content. You'll quickly discover areas for improvement.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) from Semrush assists you in creating user and search-engine-friendly content. In real-time, it rates your creativity, readability, SEO, and tone of voice. It offers helpful guidance to help you become better.

The integrated AI technologies may assist you in creating or rephrasing content if you have writer's block. Would you instead write your stuff somewhere else? Use Google Docs, WordPress, or Microsoft Word with the SWA add-on.

Man Doing a Vlog
Man Doing a Vlog

Top Scheduling And Planning Tools

The burdensome chore of individually posting your content is relieved by scheduling tools. Additionally, planning tools allow you to see your social media marketing strategy from above.


The original social media scheduling and planning tool is Hootsuite. There's a reason why it's a fan favorite. Because it is so easy to use, Hootsuite has become a favorite among content producers worldwide due to the amount of time and effort it saves. Not to boast, per se.

You can quickly develop and plan content, interact with your target audience, and expedite complicated social media management processes. Oh, and it also lets you know when posting is most effective, allowing you to plan your posts for when your target audience is online. For certain campaign days, you may also publish a lot of material in bulk.

Google Sheets

Content producers may plan out their social media content calendar or content strategy for free using Google Sheets. You may utilize a free social media content calendar template that you've made. In the sheet, creators may work directly with customers or other members of their team.

Additionally, you may see a record of any changes they make. Google Sheets offers a customizable canvas with sections for tracking your data and an outline of your plan. Although it can't connect with your social media accounts, Google Sheets is still a relatively decent content-creation tool for teamwork on a social calendar.

A Woman Recording Herself with a Smartphone
A Woman Recording Herself with a Smartphone

Top 4 Tools Video Creation And Webinar

Video content marketing has supplanted traditional types of content, particularly in recent years. Use these easy-to-use tools for creating webinars and videos to stay ahead of the trends and stay caught up.


Material makers wishing to improve their video material will find Movavi Video Editor to be an easy-to-use tool. You can quickly edit and trim movies, apply filters, add music, and even incorporate animated text in your films thanks to the user-friendly interface and plenty of options.

This application offers a straightforward approach to making high-quality films for social media, YouTube, or your portfolio, making it great for both novice and expert users. Additionally, it works with all of the leading video and audio formats, so you can use any material you already have.


Soapbox is another valuable tool for creating videos. It's a Chrome add-on from video hosting company Wistia. It doesn't need technological expertise or knowledge to produce and distribute movies in your browser window with Soapbox. Additionally, the extension has a split-screen view capability that lets you record both your camera and screen at the same time.


Veed is an essential online video editor that lets you modify video material, apply visual effects, translate movies, add voice transcription, and add subtitles. It is the ideal option if you want to edit, trim, and add subtitles to your movies easily and quickly.

Though it sometimes takes too long to load and has some bugs, it functions well to save time when manually adding subtitles to movies. For short productions under ten minutes, a free plan with a watermark is offered. The base plan requires a monthly membership and costs $18 per month.


Loom is a simple video-sharing and recording tool available as a desktop application and as a Chrome extension. With it, what can you do? Either your camera or your screen may be recorded at the same time.

You may also crop videos using this program and share them with others via a link. Loom is a highly recommended tool for recording and downloading videos, as well as for video chatting with coworkers.

Although its desktop program has a few bugs, it's still a time-saver. Moreover, a free edition with up to 25 films and five minutes each is available. Loom can be the solution you're searching for if you want to record instructional films or YouTube reviews of digital gadget reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What App Do Content Creators Use?

Take advantage of leading content creation tools with intuitive user interfaces, such as Canva and Pablo. Even those with no design background may create professional-quality drawings and memes with ease, thanks to these platforms.

Ten percent of Americans choose humor for influencer material. This is supported by a Statista Consumer Insights poll that questioned participants about the kinds of material they like watching, listening to, or following the most.

What Are Content Tools?

Content marketing tools facilitate the creation of captivating material, audience analysis, performance monitoring, and much more.

What Is Content SEO?

Online material created with search engines (like Google) in mind is known as SEO content. Additionally, material tailored for search engines usually revolves around a single term.

Who Is The Number 1 Content Creator In The World?

Beast" Donaldson. The creator held the top rank in 2022 and is often included on Forbes' list of the highest-paid YouTubers. Through his YouTube channel and his own business, which offers snack bars, merchandise, and other goods, he has made $82 million.

Who Pays A Content Creator?

Employing content producers is another way for businesses to develop brand messages or market their goods and services. After reaching an agreement to exchange a particular quantity of advertising on their platforms, businesses usually pay independent content providers a set price.


It could seem simple to the outside world to create content. However, marketers and businesses are aware that, especially in the current social media environment, there is much more to content production and editing than first meets the eye.

Marketing requires you to provide content for your email, social media accounts, and website. Many technologies and best tools to build content that people link to are available to streamline the procedure and facilitate content creation.

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