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Now you can create your own marketing system that generates leads for you 24/7/365

You don’t have to worry about messing around with web design or coding. Use our field-tested lead capture pages that are designed to convert website traffic into leads. You can create an unlimited amount of lead capture pages. New lead capture templates are added to the training area.

Learn what’s worked in the past, what’s working today, and what will work tomorrow. Elite Agent Inner Circle membership gives you access to our database of constantly evolving information. As the market changes, as prospect behavior changes, our advice and training changes.

Everything that you need to know to succeed in this market is explained in easy to follow step-by-step video training modules. Membership gives you access to our constantly updated video training guides. Learn how to develop and implement your own marketing action plan using these videos.

What Others Are Saying...

“Generated 11 Leads in 24 Hours!”

Your FB fast funnel is the truth man awesome stuff. I generated 11 leads in less than 24 hours!

-Pat Ciccaglione, Keller Willams Realty

"7 leads in 2 days!"

This really works and Adam has always been available. After helping me tweak my ads, I received 7 leads in 2 days! Thank you Adam!

-Mark Wasserman, Keller Williams Novi/Northville Market Center

“Love this Group!”

Your FB fast funnel is the truth man awesome stuff. I generated 11 leads in less than 24 hours!

-Dave BaxterDave Baxter Realty

"Would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their bottom line"

Adam is very detailed oriented and practices what he preaches which is refreshing in Adam’s line of work. Would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their bottom line.

-Ryan Gervais, Sarnia Re/Max

"His insights and ideas are awesome!'

Adam Rocks! He took a Facebook campaign we were doing that was already pretty darn good and made it amazing! His insights and ideas are awesome!

-Kathy StephensSimple Sites Serious Success


Awesome! Thanks so much for your prompt responses to everything. It’s very impressive.

-David Hines, Keller Williams Realty 

Funnel is working much better now. I have gotten two leads since the changes and the cost per click has been around 50 cents.

Jeff Grant
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

Former Old-School Broker: "AWESOME Program & Support”

30 Day 200% Money Back Guarantee

If Elite Agent Inner Circle doesn’t arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to automate your lead generation and prospect relationship development process, you’ll get double your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconCan we create more than one sales funnel?

    Absolutely! This is what I recommend doing. I suggest getting one set up and then adding another and another, if you prefer. Having multiple sales funnels (buyers & sellers) run 24/7/365 is how to become a top producer.

  • q-iconHow much time will this take me?

    You should be able to set up the FB Fast Funnel in 3 – 4 hours. Once set up, all you need to do is manage the Facebook ads (1 – 2 hours per week) and handle the incoming leads.

  • q-iconIs this for new agents or experienced ones?

    Honestly, this can be used for the agents just getting started or the agents that have been in the industry for 15+ years.

  • q-iconWill this system do my laundry, dishes and my grocery shopping?

    Unfortunately, no it will not. However, this system will save you 10 – 15 hours per week, so that you can do the laundry, dishes and grocery shopping. Better yet —  With the increase in your commissions, you can hire someone to do this for you. A win-win.

Your Lead Generation, Automated

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