Watch: Wordpress Tutorial Videos

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WordPress Tutorial Videos

14 HIGH-QUALITY training videos that walk you through the techie side of managing your own Wordpress website. No geek speak and after watching these, you should have no problem using WordPress.

Video 1: How to Install WordPress

Video 2: How to Install WordPress (manually)

Video 3: Wordpress Installation Cleanup

Video 4: Wordpress Basic Security Measures

Video 5: Wordpress Dashboard Tour

Video 6: Wordpress Posts vs. Pages

Video 7: How to Create a WordPress Page

Video 8: How to Create a WordPress Post

Video 9: The Safest Place to Get FREE WordPress Plugins

Video 10: Wordpress Themes

Video 11: Wordpress Widgets

Video 12: Wordpress Menus

Video 13: Wordpress Basic SEO

Video 14: Prevent a Brute Force Attack