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How You Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Website to
Generate More Leads, Customers and Bottom Line Profits

Mike Ferry Website Suggestions

Website Home Page

Really good looking

Great calls to action

Update copyright at the bottom

Is there a Mike Ferry newsletter?

If so, where is the sign up?

Have a sign up on every page to capitalize on the website traffic

About Page

Why not add a picture of the team?

Picture of community events

Picture of workshops

About Mike Ferry Page

Why not have a picture of Mike?

Coaching Program Page

Add testimonials

Change the word "price" to "investment"

Coaching Pricing Page

Add testimonials

Have a headline at the top (Ex: Coaching Programs for Every Level of Agent)

Change "costs" to "investment"

List lowest investment offer first, highest offer at bottom (something to test)

Add CTA (call to action) buttons under each program

Mornings with Mike -- Get Started/Learn More -- $250/mo

CTA button would take them to individual program page

One-on-One Coaching Page

Have a headline at the top of the page

Ex: How to Become a Top Producing Agent in 12 Months Working Side-by-Side with a Certified MFO Coach

Too many call to action buttons

A confused mind doesn’t buy/take action

One call to action at the bottom of each page

Mornings with Mike

Love the free sample call. Why not ask for name/email and get them in an automated email follow up sequence?

Email #1 – Sample Call

Email #2 – Ask for feedback on sample call

Email #3 – Share testimonial from happy client (make special offer -- $225/mo for 48 hours)

Email #4 – Reminder of the special offer

Email #5 – Special offer ends today

Add testimonials

Additional Website Notes

Having the Facebook re-targeting pixel installed would allow you to run , you could re-target the coaching offer to the specific people who visited that specific coaching offer.


Run an ad to the people who visited the One-on-One Real Estate Coaching page with an ad like…

We see your interested in Mike Ferry’s one-on-one coaching. Set up a call, so we can answer any questions you may have.

**Depending on website traffic, this could do VERY well. I assume you would have enough traffic for this to be worth the time to set up. Once set up, it runs on autopilot.

Mike Ferry YouTube Suggestions


Excellent use of videos! Create a better headline for videos (see image below) Example:

How to Get More Done in Less Time (Realtor Time Management Tips)

Add http:// before the www in the description to make it a clickable link (see image below)

I would suggest sending the people to a specific page on the site dealing with that specific video topic, not the home page.

Even better: To a landing page offering them some type of time management checklist

Add YouTube annotations at beginning/end of video

Why not add them to the blog as blog posts? You want to drive traffic to YOUR site, something you own/control.

One video = one blog post

Promote blog post on social – Facebook, Twitter, Email database, etc

Random Suggestions

How about a Ask Mike live weekly/bi-weekly/monthly Google Hangout show/.

Do you have a funnel in place?


Email >> Automated Follow Up Messages >> Promotions >> Upsell to coaching offers

Are you running Facebook advertising to generate leads?

Need Help?

If you have any questions on how to set this up, I would be more than happy to help. You can schedule a call with me here. If you would like to schedule an meeting (I am located at Durango/Blue Diamond), I would be open to that. Again, there is nothing for sale.









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