Video 1: DOM Dominator System Training

In this 30 minute training, I walk you through the EXACT steps to take to optimize each & every listing. Once you have done a few of these, it'll be easier for you to do them. If you want to sell homes fast, follow this system as it flat out works.

In the training, you will learn;

*** How to properly set up your listings to rank in Google with ease...

*** The one thing we do for every listing before we do any type of promotion...

*** How Facebook is going to help you build an audience -- automatically....

*** How to pay $0.03 - $0.10 per listing view using simple Facebook ads...even only spending $2/day!

*** How we set up each Facebook post along with the ad for maximum exposure...

*** How we title each post and why you'll want to do something similar

*** What image we like to use at the top of each post/listing

*** Why we use bullet points on each listing

*** What we do with the price AFTER it is sold

*** What we do to the title AFTER it is sold

*** Why the call to action is crucial and where to put it


Additional Training

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