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I have used many other SEO companies in the past and Adam Dukes is by far the best.  He is meticulous with the details required for a successful campaign, he always goes the extra mile, and he provides the best customer service I have seen of anyone in any industry.  These skills have translated into my website ranking higher for more keywords than ever before, and more importantly, more client conversations. I owe much of my success to Adam and highly recommend him

Farhan Naqvi
Naqvi Law

Adam is very detailed oriented and practices what he preaches which is refreshing in Adam’s line of work. Would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their bottom line

Ryan Gervais
Sarnia Re/Max

If I had to describe Adam in one word, I would say SOLID! He’s committed to delivering results for his clients and he and his team will work relentlessly until they do. His book on reputation management is an invaluable resource for anybody concerned about their online reputation. It’s a pleasure to know Adam and work with him

Charlie Lyons
Alpha Orcale

I would like to say AMD Web Services is top of the line. Honesty, Integrity and Timely should be their motto. When you use AMD Web Services you can be sure you are getting personal attention. I have known and worked with Adam for a number of years, and he is truly a person you can trust. I would recommend AMD Web Services to anyone that is looking for a top of the line web site for their business

Jeff Hicks
Barbossa & Bear

As a SEO specialist myself, it is rare that I will go out of my way to recommend another. One of the few exceptions is Adam Dukes!

Adam is a professional in all senses of the word. He delivers results to his clients, and offers insight to the community of SEO professionals at large. His insight has helped me land more clients and deliver a higher caliber of work on a more consistent basis.

Rarely do you find someone that is capable of managing his client base while helping you build yours. If my own company didn’t provide similar services, Adam’s would be at the top of a very short list

David Licaga
Licaga Marketing

I had the extreme pleasure of connecting with Adam for one of his webinars just recently. He is very knowledgeable and I learned a great deal from him. I recommend that anyone who is looking for guidance in promoting their own business to connect with Adam. You will not be disappointed! I plan to work more with him as time goes on

Karen Goldsmith