About Social Sinergy

Adam Dukes is the Creative Director of Social Sinergy, a Real Estate Marketing Agency.

I help real estate agents sleep better at night.

I do this by teaching them how to automate their lead generation, so they can sell more homes. By automating their lead generation, they typically save 10-15 hours per week. Everyone wants more time.

Having a marketing machine that generate leads 24/7/365, ensures their pipeline is always full of qualified leads -- so they can close more deals and see an increase in profits.

Which typically translates to -- sleeping better at night.

Problems We Solve

Adam helps his clients increase their revenue by implementing a marketing system that generates leads 24/7/365. His clients discover the power of applying marketing automation and eliminating manual prospecting.

NEVER cold call again!

When realtors come to Adam for help, these are some of the challenges he helps them solve;

  • We need more targeted traffic to our website
  • We need to convert more of that website traffic into qualified leads
  • We need help developing a marketing system that can be tracked, measured and improved
  • Our current marketing is not generating a positive ROI
  • We're sick of wasting time on cold calling
  • We are interested in automating our lead generation

More About Adam

Originally from Michigan, but was sick of the gray skies and snow in 2121212121April.

Adam started life in Brighton, Michigan, a stone’s throw from where your father’s car was probably built. Adam was, and still is, the first born son of Mike & Shirley Dukes.

Adam went on to graduate Eastern Michigan University, with a degree in Construction Management. He spent his first few years in Las Vegas working as a project engineer for CityCenter, the largest privately funded construction project in U.S. history.

With the death of the Las Vegas economy, came a forced sabbatical. Adam, once again displaying grit, determination, and an uncanny ability to deal with the hand he was dealt, decided to dedicate himself to honing his creative skills and potential. Adam started AMD Web Services, an online marketing company in 2010 and launched Social Sinergy in 2012. He also published his first book, They Said What?! How to Harness Reputation Management, Social Media & Other Online Strategies to Boost Your Business Profits. 

Something his father taught him that he tries to live by everyday...

Always be honest, sincere and hard-working


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